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Announcing Workshops at Decompress

We have exciting news about this year’s Decompress event! Similar to previous years, Decompress will be a community day for designers and developers run by the CSSConf and JSConf team. It will be held the day after these conferences (Dec 2nd) and located in the same venue (the Melbourne Meat Market).

Our favourite part about Decompress from previous years was the relaxed atmosphere of people working together on projects and and learning new things from each other. We’re hoping to encourage that even more this year and so, alongside excellent talks by local speakers, we will have FREE informal workshops! These will not have fixed capacities and will all be run together in one large space as a semi-guided hack day. Leading the different workshop topics we are excited to announce the following terrific individuals.

Workshop Topics

“Merging Data and Art” lead by Ri Liu

Ri currently works for The Guardian, creating data stories and interactive content. She specialises in expressing data in novel ways and exposing social injustices; from creating art out of motion captured dance data, to exploring the gaps between men and women around the world. Her indispensable tool of choice is D3.js but is WebGL-curious.

“Building Mobile Apps Using Web Tech” lead by Tommy Williams

Tommy is a software engineer (with a much sillier actual title) at Adobe on the PhoneGap team who enjoys talking in the third person, vegan food, beer, attempts at humour, and trying to sound humble through self-deprecation. He has a passion for busting the myths surrounding building native mobile apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using Apache Cordova.

“Blending WebGL and Video” lead by Charlie Gleason

Charlie is a designer, developer, and musician all the way from London, England. He's produced a series of music videos for his band Brightly using all kinds of technology, from WebGL, the Twitter API, live-sourcing GIFs from Giphy, multi-streamed video, webcams, and more. He'll be helping you get started on your own experiments with create-react-app and Three.js.

Workshop Format

In the morning, they will each inspire you with some of the amazing things that they’ve built and show you the libraries, tools, and APIs that they used. The idea is that you then choose a project to work on (or maybe you will have even thought of one beforehand!) and throughout the day build something amazing of your own. In addition to the people above, there will be lots of other people around to help you out and provide advice. At the end of the day, we’ll all go to a nearby pub to discuss what we learned and built over some drinks. We are hoping that everyone has a great time, learns a bunch, and goes away having made lots of new friends.


If you haven’t already, we’re asking that everyone fill out this very short (2 question) survey. This is to help us get an idea of how many people will likely be coming to Decompress this year. Given a lot of you will have a Decompress ticket that came with your ticket(s) to CSS/JSConf it’s not easy for us to estimate this otherwise.

New Team Members

Last but not least, Decompress has two new team members: Isabell and myself!

Isabell Kiral-Kornek
When Isabell was 6, her older sister showed her how to program and turned her into a big nerd. Nowadays, when she doesn’t work as a biomedical engineer at IBM Research, she’s engaged in spreading her love for programming and science by organising open source workshops and talks across Melbourne.
Robert Kerr
Rob is a engineer turned neuroscientist turned web developer. He enjoys learning new things, using the web to present information in novel ways and discussing the nature of consciousness.


Entry is free for all CSSConf and/or JSConf attendees. Otherwise, Decompress tickets are only $25 and include coffee, lunch and snacks. It'll be one hell of a day, don't miss out.

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