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The plan for the day is to have one "hack" space and one "talk" space, with the workshops and talks happening in parallel. Here's how we're scheduling it:

🎫 Registration πŸ“’ Welcome 🎀 Workshop Introductions πŸ“’ Morning Presentations πŸ’» Morning Hack Session 🍜 Lunch + "Meet the Meetups" 🎀 One More Workshop Introduction πŸ“’ Afternoon Presentations πŸ’» Afternoon Hack Session πŸ“· Family photo and wrap-up 🍻 Pub-time! Share what you've learnt.

Schedule — Workshops

Join us in the Workshop Room for guided introductions

πŸ’» Morning Hack Session (11:00-12:40) πŸ’» Afternoon Hack Session (02:20-04:00)

Schedule — Presentations

The talks you'll want to hear, from speakers you'll be looking out for

Rick Giner -
"Accessibility in Single Page Applications"
Mike Riethmuller -
"Advanced Fluid Typography (and more)"
Jessica Claire Edwards -
"Enhancing Mobile Experiences with Device APIs"
Laura Summers -
"Dude, where's my Tricorder"
Francesco Orsenigo -
"Elm as an antidote to front-end fatigue"
🍜 Lunch Cathy Lill -
"Mars Needs Guitars.... and the WebAudio API"
Michael Robinson -
"The Promised Path to Async, Awaits"
Gilmore Davidson -
"Gradient Circus"
Adam Ullman -
"The future of communication on the web"
Harriet Lawrence -
"The JS community and sociolinguistics: A love story"

Adam Ullman(AU)

was passionate about web technologies from a young age, with lots of marquee tags and animated gifs. Now you can find Adam hacking on the OpenTok API while running TokBox's JavaScript team.

@aullman (www)

Cathy Lill(AU)

is a reformed grunge rocker who fell into web dev thanks to a misleading job ad for a "rockstar ninja". Senior Software Engineer at Data61, building web apps to bring science to the people.

@cathyblabla (www)

Charlie Gleason(UK)

is a designer, developer, and musician who has made dynamically generated music videos using everything from WebGL and video streams to live-sourced tweets.

@superhighfives (www)

Francesco Orsenigo(AU)

is a video game developer turned physicist turned front-end developer turned Elm apologist. He's fond of maths, natural sciences and Argentinean tango.

@xarvh (www)

Gilmore Davidson(AU)

is a front-end developer by day, origami folder / web project tinkerer by night. He is a frequent attendee of Sydney tech meetups, and finds writing in the third person rather creepy.

@iamnotyourbroom (www)

Harriet Lawrence(AU)

is the resident linguist at Buildkite. When she’s not crafting exciting ways to describe new Buildkite features, you’ll find her hanging out in bouldering gyms or with her nose in a book.


Jessica Claire Edwards(AU)

is a front-end developer based in Sydney, Australia. She spends most of her time trying (and failing) to keep up with the rapid pace of the web, and wouldn't have it any other way.

@jsscclr (www)

Laura Summers(AU)

is a user experience designer & front-end developer at Clover. She's into tech, but, you know, only as a friend. Fun fact: Squirrels lose more than half of the nuts they hide.


Matt McKegg(NZ)

is a JavaScript hacker and backyard musician. The creator of Loop Drop, an open source tool for performing live electronic music, he spends the rest of his time creating music as DESTROY WITH SCIENCE.


Michael Robinson(NZ)

adores JavaScript's flexible evolving language and ecosystem. He loves helping those new to JavaScript discover how much better development can be with the right culture, practices and tools.

@codeofinterest (www)

Mike Riethmuller(AU)

spent a decade designing, building, and maintaining high-availability web apps for the government. He's now an independent developer focusing on CSS, typography, canvas, data viz and more.

@MikeRiethmuller (www)

Patrick Catanzariti(AU)

started Dev Diner, a site that aims to help developers navigate the world of emerging tech. He spends his days building demos with VR, AR, the Internet of Things and AI. Lots of abbreviations really.

@thatpatrickguy (www)

Ri Liu(AU)

currently works for The Guardian, creating data stories and interactive content. She specialises in expressing data in novel ways and exposing social injustices using data.

@riblah (www)

Rick Giner(AU)

has been a front-end lead everywhere from large enterprises to lean startups. Passionate about dev practises, emerging tech and whisky, he's always happy to talk tech over a glass or two.


Ruth John(UK)

is a web technologist and Google Developer Expert. She likes educating and inspiring people on the latest web technologies. Her favourite things include interactive AV installations and 80s cartoons, usually at the same time!

@Rumyra (www)

Tommy Williams(AU)

is a software engineer at Adobe on the PhoneGap team who enjoys talking in the third person, vegan food, beer, attempts at humour, and trying to sound humble through self-deprecation.




Melbourne Meat Market
5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne

The day

Decompress is a community day for designers and developers run by the CSSConf and JSConf team. Our focus is squarely set on creating an all-inclusive space for attendees to learn, share and create. Topics covered are a blend of CSSConf and JSConf, and will even feature some of the same speakers.


This year, in addition to talks, we will have free informal workshops running all day in one large space as a semi-guided hack day. The workshop topics will include:

"Merging Data and Art"
Ri Liu will show you the power data can have to ignite our imagination and engage us in important social issues. Using her tool of choice, D3.js, you will follow her lead, creating beautiful, interactive art from data.
"Building Mobile Apps Using Web Tech"
Tommy Williams will bust the myths surrounding building native mobile apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and get you building your own mobile apps using Apache Cordova.
"Blending WebGL and Video"
Charlie Gleason will amaze you with how he has combined WebGL and multi-streaming videos and get you started on your own experiments using create-react-app and Three.js.
"Exposing Your Hidden WebVR Superpowers"
Patrick Catanzariti will be your guide through the uncharted territory that is virtual reality. Use A-Frame, Primrose or React VR to create something fun and try it out on one of the devices we'll have available.
"Performing Audio/Visuals Live with JavaScript"
Ruth John and Matt McKegg will have you creating AV performances using the browser and the Web MIDI, Web Audio and Web Animation APIs. Can't wait to get started? Go check out the Web Audio School.


Entry is free for all CSSConf and/or JSConf attendees. Otherwise, Decompress tickets are only $25 and include coffee, lunch and snacks. It'll be one hell of a day, don't miss out.

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